Battle Born Hall at the Nevada State Capitol

After Nevada’s 150th birthday celebrations, Nevada Culture was ready to renovate Battle Born Hall in the State Capitol. APA is now working alongside stakeholders to renew the Hall. The design of four free-standing exhibit stations do more than respect the monumental nature of the Hall. They also take into consideration universal accessibility and form the […]

Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary

APA’s work involves evaluating existing exhibits and developing concepts for improvements. A key component of the project was a three-day workshop with the client and stakeholders to examine the current Exploration Center experience and brainstorm ways to enhance it, in particular to appeal to a target audience of families with young children.

Mount Constitution Interpretive Center

The spectacular view from Mount Constitution is the main attraction at Moran State Park. APA worked with Washington State Parks to develop a concept for an interpretive center that brings visitors on a journey through space and time to the mountain’s highest point. Exhibits explore the mountain’s geology, ecology, and cultural history. Touchable models and […]

Maxine and Jesse Whitney Museum

The Maxine and Jesse Whitney Museum showcases an incredibly diverse personal collection. APA’s design approach unified the collection by taking visitors on a journey across Alaska through Maxine’s eyes, while touching on larger stories of making art, collecting and representation.

Katirvik Cultural Center

The Katirvik Cultural Center engages its community as a place where Native elders and youth can come together to sustain their unique culture. APA designed dynamic exhibits that are flexible and modular so the community can contribute to the story for generations to come.

Redwoods Visitor Center

Save the Redwoods League is restoring a former lumber mill site to a pristine ecosystem. APA’s interpretive plan encourages visitors to explore the majestic redwood tree from many perspectives and investigate their relationship to the tallest, oldest living organisms in the world.

WET Science Center at LOTT Alliance

The LOTT Alliance is dedicated to conserving water resources through wastewater treatment. APA developed interactive exhibits and activities that complement existing treatment plant tours and educate visitors about water conservation, treatment processes and technologies, and how visitors can reduce water consumption in their homes and community.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum has one of America’s preeminent collections of art and artifacts dealing with the American cowboy and the Western frontier. APA developed an interpretive master plan that redefines the Museum’s conceptual approach to this quintessential American narrative, offering an entirely new way of telling this timeless tale. Reinvigorated gallery […]

San Gabriel River Discovery Center

The new San Gabriel River Discovery Center will be located on a precious piece of green space in Los Angeles County. The center will interpret the natural and cultural history of the San Gabriel River watershed through indoor and outdoor interpretive experiences. Exhibits will encourage visitors to explore the different habitat areas and wildlife supported […]

WWII Valor in the Pacific

The National Park Service’s USS Arizona Memorial honors the courage of Pearl Harbor’s men and women, while interpreting the historical events that led up to December 7, 1941. APA designed universally accessible exhibits so that all visitors may learn from this important moment in history.