Wadi Safar

The Wadi Safar Visitor Center will immerse visitors within the unique Saudi landscape—a wadi, or seasonal riverbed. APA is working with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority to develop an interactive experience that will leave visitors with a deeper understanding of this delicate ecosystem and the important role of conservation.

Barari Diriyah

The Wadi Hanifah Barari Diriyah Conservation Center will be a sanctuary for wildlife and learning within the newly developed Diriyah Gate cultural complex. APA is working with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority to create hands-on indoor exhibits that will spark curiosity about the conservation efforts visitors can witness right outside.

Prairie Gallery

The Manitoba Museum interprets the interrelationship of people and their environment across millions of years and the province’s vast landscape. APA worked with the Museum to bring the province’s iconic grasslands—and its stories—inside. In the Prairie Gallery, visitors are immersed in the stories of Indigenous Peoples and newcomers through artifacts and interactive experiences.

Redwoods Interpretation Master Plan

California is home to the greatest redwood forests on Earth. Working with Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks, APA produced a comprehensive Interpretation Master Plan (IMP) for 48 coast redwood parks across the state. The IMP offers cohesive messaging and a storytelling framework for the park system as a whole while respecting the […]

Elk Falls Discovery Centre

The temporary interpretive centre at Elk Falls Provincial Park attracts thousands of visitors every year. APA was hired to conduct a feasibility study for a permanent visitor centre in the park. Our firm collaborated with multiple stakeholder and Indigenous groups to envision how a new centre could support the mission of each group and how each group could contribute to this central interpretive […]

Great Basin National Park

The new visitor center in Great Basin National Park orients visitors to the entire region and showcases the diversity of the park’s natural and cultural resources. Working with the theme, “Discover the unseen Great Basin”, APA developed an exhibit design concept and plans for the 1600 square foot main gallery.

Meewasin Valley Centre

The Meewasin Valley Authority in Saskatoon is dedicated to conserving the natural and cultural heritage resources of the river valley. In recent years, it has been undertaking a major urban renewal project of its river front area to increase public appreciation of, and access to, this important resource. At the heart of this development is […]

Archives of Falconry

The Archives of Falconry wanted to create a powerful visitor experience that evokes the strong tradition of falconry in Arabian culture. APA worked with partners in the USA and the UAE to identify strategies for creating a memorable, visually engaging exhibition that interprets the history and cultural significance of Arabian falconry for an American audience.

National Maritime Centre

The concept for the National Maritime Centre of the Pacific and Arctic is unique because it is built on partnerships. Thanks to education and industry partnerships, it is integrated with the needs of the local maritime community, making it financially self-sustaining. A traditional museum model would not be the right fit so we developed an […]

Fort Vancouver Regional Library

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District was established in 1950 as the first inter-county rural library district in the state of Washington. Recently the city proudly opened their new 80,000 square foot main library. APA designed interpretive experiences that complement the Library’s mandate to attract new audiences. Most notable among the exhibit pieces was the Knowledge […]