Prairie Gallery

The Manitoba Museum interprets the interrelationship of people and their environment across millions of years and the province’s vast landscape. APA worked with the Museum to bring the province’s iconic grasslands—and its stories—inside. In the Prairie Gallery, visitors are immersed in the stories of Indigenous Peoples and newcomers through artifacts and interactive experiences.

Cape Breton Miners Museum

The Cape Breton Miners Museum presents the region’s role in building the nation through its unique geology, mining and people. APA worked closely with Museum staff and specialty consultants to create a simulator that takes visitors deep underground to experience the demanding and dangerous work of mining in Cape Breton—under the Atlantic Ocean!

Simpcw Exhibit at the Valemount Museum

The Valemount Museum—nestled in the Canadian Rockies—celebrates the region’s stories through an eclectic collection of art and artifacts. APA worked with the Simpcw First Nation to add its story to the space. Through a map of their land, images and voices, visitors see and hear how Simpcw created traditions to carry them through times of […]

Washington State History Museum 360 Gallery

APA worked with the Washington State History Museum to develop a new, interactive gallery that interprets how the 360-mile-wide expanse of Washington, with its abundant natural resources, has sustained and attracted communities across time. Engaging, hands-on exhibits guide visitors to understand how relationships with mountains, forests, sea and prairie have drawn people to the region […]

National Maritime Centre

The concept for the National Maritime Centre of the Pacific and Arctic is unique because it is built on partnerships. Thanks to education and industry partnerships, it is integrated with the needs of the local maritime community, making it financially self-sustaining. A traditional museum model would not be the right fit so we developed an […]

New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum is a thriving research institution and beloved local attraction. However, to be a true provincial hub the museum needs a new purpose-built facility with refreshed exhibits. APA created a masterplan and concept for the new space. Through consultations with diverse stakeholders, the plan highlights stories and experiences that speak to all […]

Ocean Gallery

The Ocean Gallery at Discovery Centre Halifax engages kids with real science and inspires a deeper appreciation of our world. Whether touching a live sea star, investigating microscopic life or virtually controlling the globe to see the effects of climate change, young visitors will engage their curiosity about the world’s oceans in this new gallery. […]

Zayed National Museum

APA, in collaboration with the British Museum and design partners, is designing the Falconry and Conservation Wing of the ZNM. Messages in this gallery center on interpreting Sheikh Zayed’s passion for falconry, drawing connections between falconry and the Emirates’ environmental and conservation principles. The gallery experience immerses visitors in the world of Arabian falconry, melding […]

Nonsuch Gallery

The Nonsuch, a replica of the ship that launched the Hudson’s Bay Company, has long been a beloved icon of The Manitoba Museum. APA reimagined the Nonsuch Gallery, transporting visitors to a distant time and place while incorporating fresh perspectives and stories.

Family Bonds & Belonging

In this exhibit at the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM), visitors engage with personal artifacts and large-scale family photos to learn about the forces that bring families together. Using personal stories from First Nations, early settlers, immigrants and others, the exhibit explores our deep and often complicated relationships with each other.