Ocean Gallery

The Ocean Gallery at Discovery Centre Halifax engages kids with real science and inspires a deeper appreciation of our world. Whether touching a live sea star, investigating microscopic life or virtually controlling the globe to see the effects of climate change, young visitors will engage their curiosity about the world’s oceans in this new gallery. […]

Discovery Centre

Halifax’s Discovery Centre strives to be an agent of change in the Maritimes. APA designed experiences that introduce the science of water, energy, transportation, health and innovation in ways that are relevant to Nova Scotians.

Bursa Science & Technology Centre

APA designed settings with hands-on, full body experiences that immerse visitors in the science of flight, astronomy and space exploration. Visitors engage with the technology behind the evolution of flight, from hot air balloons to modern rockets, and explore the cosmos beyond a space station simulator.

Canada Science & Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has the largest collection of technological artifacts in the country. APA conceptualized a new point of entry for visitors that showcases this collection while introducing hands-on experiences that explore innovations in science and technology.

WET Science Center at LOTT Alliance

The LOTT Alliance is dedicated to conserving water resources through wastewater treatment. APA developed interactive exhibits and activities that complement existing treatment plant tours and educate visitors about water conservation, treatment processes and technologies, and how visitors can reduce water consumption in their homes and community.

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

The largest attraction of its type in the Gulf, The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre explores the natural diversity of Abu Dhabi’s desert and its cultural connections. APA led an international team to develop an experience that seamlessly integrates with the building’s complex architecture.

Environment Gallery at TWoSE

The Environment Gallery at TELUS World of Science Edmonton (TWoSE) challenges visitors to ask: how do we know what we know about the environment? In the re-envisioned Gallery, visitors play the scientist to better understand science’s role in environmental debates. The contributions of local scientists makes the big ideas personal, while vibrant and layered graphics, […]

Museo del Acero Horno3

The rusted Blast Furnace No. 3 dominates the skyline of Monterrey, symbolizing the importance of the steel industry to the community. APA and our partners restored this icon into a state-of-the-art tourist attraction and educational facility that introduces visitors to steelmaking history and technology as well as the basic principles of science.

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

This exhibition and planetarium complex at the University of Hawaii explores the connection between the rich traditions of Hawaiian culture and the astronomical research conducted at the summit of Maunakea. Visitors can experience a Polynesian voyage across the Pacific while gaining an appreciation for the the pivotal role that astronomy played at the time.

Guangdong Science Center

APA took part in an international exhibit design competition for the proposed Guangdong Science Center and were one of three winning firms which created concepts and designs for five large exhibit galleries. These include the Science Detective gallery, the Dream of Space Flight, the Eye Wide Opener, the Invention & Design Gallery and the Children’s […]