Evergreen at the Brick Works

The adaptive reuse of the Don Valley Pressed Brick Works site will serve as a model of economic, environmental and social sustainability by blending interpretation of the site’s preserved natural and industrial heritage with the “green” development of retail and cultural venues on site. In association with Evergreen, an organization committed to urban greening and […]

Qaryat al Sarab Heritage Village

The Qaryat al Sarab Heritage Village provide guests to the Liwa Oasis with the opportunity to experience traditional Emirati ways of life. Our interpretation focused on a conceptual journey, showing links between the seasonal movements and practices of traditional nomadic Bedu, and the cultural heritage and identity of Emiratis today. In the process, visitors experience […]

Chinatown Storytelling Centre

The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation tells the momentous story of Chinese immigrants to Canada at a new centre in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Exhibits focus on pivotal moments for Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian community, from completing the Canadian Pacific Railway to winning the right to vote. A lantern-like theatre offers space for community gatherings, lectures, […]

Gasoline Alley Museum

Canada’s largest living historical village has taken to life in the fast lane with its transportation exhibit. APA worked with the Heritage Park to create a western Canadian themed showcase for a unique collection of vintage vehicles, gas pumps and a huge array of other service station memorabilia. Exhibits explore the role of the automobile […]

Museo del Acero Horno3

The rusted Blast Furnace No. 3 dominates the skyline of Monterrey, symbolizing the importance of the steel industry to the community. APA and our partners restored this icon into a state-of-the-art tourist attraction and educational facility that introduces visitors to steelmaking history and technology as well as the basic principles of science.


Located on the northern Adriatic coast of Italy, Oltremare is a large marine theme park dedicated to showcasing the animal life of the Adriatic and the Po River Valley in extraordinary and dramatic ways. APA was responsible for the planning and design of the outdoor environments, including a long interpretive walk through a number of […]

Pacific Pier Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Pacific Pier exhibit at Ocean Park explores the connected worlds of seals, sea lions and humans. APA recreated a sea lion and harbour seal habitat found along the northern coast of California where visitors experience the creatures at play, rest and work, both above and below the water.