Observation Area at YVR

APA worked with the Vancouver Airport Authority to create a public airport observation deck and interpretive exhibition in the pre-security area of the Domestic Terminal. The Observation Area allows visitors to get a close-up look at the planes and operations on the runways below, while interactive exhibits, interpretive graphics and observation equipment engage visitors with […]

Pacific Passage at YVR

International passengers arriving at Vancouver International Airport are immersed in a serene interpretation of coastal BC. Live plants, audiovisual effects and forest murals create a backdrop for the work of contemporary Indigenous artists, all to convey the spirit of the region.

T.rex Discovery Centre

The dramatic discovery of ‘Scotty’, one of the world’s most complete T.rex specimens, led to the creation of the T.rex Discovery Centre. In this design/build project APA created a variety of exhibit techniques to introduce visitors to the active research taking place at the centre, while special programs take enthusiasts to work at the nearby […]