Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre

Indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre explore the Osoyoos Indian Band’s worldview and innovative approach to conserving precious habitat. After completing the original design over a decade ago, APA has designed expanded indoor galleries and refreshed outdoor experiences, reflecting the resiliency and achievements of the Band, in the past, present and […]

Werribee Zoo

APA worked with partners to create “Lions on the Edge.” The adventure begins when visitors arrive at an opening in a stone wall, giving the sense of leaving the nature reserve and entering an unprotected area. When a sign warns them about the lions in the area, visitors quickly discover they are about to see […]

Pierce County Environmental Services Building

APA worked on the planning and design of exhibits and interpretive signage for the Pierce County Environmental Services Building and site. Graphics, interactive displays, and AV treatments interpret Pierce County’s environmental services, its building’s green design, the site’s history and geology, gray water reclamation, landscaping and erosion control. The exhibits aim to be personally relevant […]

Totem Hall at Sitka National Historic Park

This National Park Service visitor center is the site of a diverse collection of totem poles created by several southeast Alaska Native cultures. APA worked with project architects to modify the design of an existing building to better store and display the totem poles. Indoor and outdoor interpretive signage was also created to complement the […]

Turtle Bay Museum

The centerpiece of a 300-acre exploration park, Turtle Bay Museum is the result of a merger between five Redding, California facilities, ranging from an arboretum to an art gallery. APA developed exhibits that tie together the disciplines of art, history, natural sciences, forestry and horticulture to create a unique visitor experience focused on the interwoven […]