Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center

The visitor center interprets the natural and cultural history of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. Few visitors ever see the Refuge’s vast expanse of islands and shoreline. With this in mind, APA designed immersive experiences to explore the area, interpreting its population of some 40 million seabirds, oceanography, environmental monitoring and other human activity. […]


The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) conducts leading-edge physics research. The mysteries of nature are explored at Fermilab on a 680-acre site that is home to the world’s largest particle accelerator. APA developed an interpretive master plan for Fermilab to meet the needs of all visitors to the site, from school children to Nobel Laureates, […]

Space Center Houston

APA created a new audio/visual experience for the Space Center’s main theater. The theater’s pre-show now provides visitors with an immersive experience that mimics a launch at the Cape. A new multi-screen video presentation is dramatically underscored with a blast of virtual ‘exhaust smoke’ and body-shaking sound effects.