Exploration Gallery at Vancouver Aquarium

The aquarium wanted visitors to see aquatic life with fresh eyes and to encourage new ways of thinking about sea animals. APA worked with aquarium staff to create experiences that let visitors engage with live marine animals in ways that are safe for the animals and visitors. New experiences use a range of technologies to […]

Zoomazium at Woodland Park Zoo

At the Zoomazium, kids are connected to the natural world through a variety of imaginative, whole-bodied play opportunities. APA worked closely with Woodland Park Zoo to plan and design fun, nature-themed activities that inspire kids to explore nature in their own backyards. The exhibits won the Themed Entertainment Association Award for Outstanding Achievement for a […]

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

This exhibition and planetarium complex at the University of Hawaii explores the connection between the rich traditions of Hawaiian culture and the astronomical research conducted at the summit of Maunakea. Visitors can experience a Polynesian voyage across the Pacific while gaining an appreciation for the the pivotal role that astronomy played at the time.

Tillamook Forest Center

From 1933 to 1951 a series of devastating fires burned almost 500 square miles of Tillamook Forest. This land eventually became the Tillamook State Forest, and has been restored to become one of America’s best examples of a sustainably managed forest.