Archives of Falconry

The Archives of Falconry wanted to create a powerful visitor experience that evokes the strong tradition of falconry in Arabian culture. APA worked with partners in the USA and the UAE to identify strategies for creating a memorable, visually engaging exhibition that interprets the history and cultural significance of Arabian falconry for an American audience.

Desert Living Center at Las Vegas Springs Preserve

The Desert Living Center is the centerpiece of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. Its goal is to provide visitors with the knowledge and tools that inspire them to make lifestyle changes for a sustainable future, without compromising their quality of life. APA worked with a large team to develop experiences that encourage visitors to learn […]

Museo del Acero Horno3

The rusted Blast Furnace No. 3 dominates the skyline of Monterrey, symbolizing the importance of the steel industry to the community. APA and our partners restored this icon into a state-of-the-art tourist attraction and educational facility that introduces visitors to steelmaking history and technology as well as the basic principles of science.