Great Basin National Park

The new visitor center in Great Basin National Park orients visitors to the entire region and showcases the diversity of the park’s natural and cultural resources. Working with the theme, “Discover the unseen Great Basin”, APA developed an exhibit design concept and plans for the 1600 square foot main gallery.

Meewasin Valley Centre

The Meewasin Valley Authority in Saskatoon is dedicated to conserving the natural and cultural heritage resources of the river valley. In recent years, it has been undertaking a major urban renewal project of its river front area to increase public appreciation of, and access to, this important resource. At the heart of this development is […]

Children’s Fort at Fort Langley National Historic Site

APA worked closely with Parks Canada and the fabrication team to create a fun, active and enriching play area for toddlers at this historic fort. Little traders can net salmon from a small canoe, pick magnetic cranberries, then exchange them at the kids’ fort trade window. Salmon and berries can then be packed into barrels […]

Scorpion Ranch Visitor Center

Working with the National Park Service, APA provided exhibit planning and design services for a new visitor center and outdoor exhibits on Santa Cruz Island, where iconic Californian stories of human history, geology, biodiversity, conservation and the marine world converge. Throughout the project, APA balanced the Park’s desire for engaging exhibits, with the realities of […]

Gasoline Alley Museum

Canada’s largest living historical village has taken to life in the fast lane with its transportation exhibit. APA worked with the Heritage Park to create a western Canadian themed showcase for a unique collection of vintage vehicles, gas pumps and a huge array of other service station memorabilia. Exhibits explore the role of the automobile […]

Our World Gallery at National Children’s Museum

APA developed the experiences for the Our World gallery in the National Children’s Museum, inviting young visitors and their families to explore the geographical and cultural landscape of our planet. Designed for children 8 years and older, the gallery aims to foster awareness of similarities and differences between cultures, peoples and places around the world. […]

Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort

The largest attraction of its type in the Gulf, The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre explores the natural diversity of Abu Dhabi’s desert and its cultural connections. APA led an international team to develop an experience that seamlessly integrates with the building’s complex architecture.

Chattahoochee Nature Center

The Chattahoochee Nature Center connects visitors to their surroundings and gives them the tools to conserve their local watershed. APA designed experiences that envelop visitors in artistic representations of environments and offer an animal’s eye view on the river.