Fort Vancouver Regional Library

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District was established in 1950 as the first inter-county rural library district in the state of Washington. Recently the city proudly opened their new 80,000 square foot main library. APA designed interpretive experiences that complement the Library’s mandate to attract new audiences. Most notable among the exhibit pieces was the Knowledge […]

Qaryat al Sarab Heritage Village

The Qaryat al Sarab Heritage Village provide guests to the Liwa Oasis with the opportunity to experience traditional Emirati ways of life. Our interpretation focused on a conceptual journey, showing links between the seasonal movements and practices of traditional nomadic Bedu, and the cultural heritage and identity of Emiratis today. In the process, visitors experience […]

Kiwara at Odense Zoo

APA worked with Studio Hanson|Roberts to create Kiwara, an African-themed interpretive experience within the Odense Zoo in Odense, Denmark. By way of an explorative journey up the “Kiwara River,” visitors encounter various African habitats and the plants, animals and people that have adapted to them.

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island embodies a unique confluence of essential stories from the Emirati national fabric. Formed by an ascending salt diapir, the island is home to some of the oldest exposed rocks in the UAE. It also has a long history of human habitation, and has been the meeting place of important historical forces. […]