Discovery Centre

Halifax’s Discovery Centre strives to be an agent of change in the Maritimes. APA designed experiences that introduce the science of water, energy, transportation, health and innovation in ways that are relevant to Nova Scotians.

Canada Science & Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has the largest collection of technological artifacts in the country. APA conceptualized a new point of entry for visitors that showcases this collection while introducing hands-on experiences that explore innovations in science and technology.

WET Science Center at LOTT Alliance

The LOTT Alliance is dedicated to conserving water resources through wastewater treatment. APA developed interactive exhibits and activities that complement existing treatment plant tours and educate visitors about water conservation, treatment processes and technologies, and how visitors can reduce water consumption in their homes and community.

Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Kerry Wood Nature Centre is the interpretive hub of Red Deer’s treasured Waskasoo Park. For decades the Centre has served as an engaging exhibit space that allows visitors to explore key environmental elements of the river valley and surrounding aspen parkland and engages them with local conservation issues and challenges.

Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway

The Spring Mountains are a special place. They are a unique ecosystem populated by endemic species, the holy land of Nuwuvi Native American Nations, and a recreational escape for local residents. In collaboration with architectural partners LGA, the U.S. Forest Service, Nuwuvi and various stakeholders, AldrichPears designed an interpretive center in the Spring Mountains, just […]

Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC

Gold Rush! El Dorado is a traveling exhibit designed by RBCM in collaboration with APA. The exhibit explores BC’s gold rush era from many perspectives. Interpretation sheds light on the cultural landscapes shaped by the discovery of gold, using priceless artifacts from many countries to tell the story of gold’s allure. APA worked with RBCM’s […]