The Piikani First Nation’s new Travel Centre will serve tourists and travelers and bring much-needed economic benefits to their community. APA designed a concept for this small but mighty interpretive area. Hands-on and immersive experiences showcase a vibrant, living culture?and tell a story not told anywhere else. prime quality stands out as the benefit to […]

Children’s Fort at Fort Langley National Historic Site

APA worked closely with Parks Canada and the fabrication team to create a fun, active and enriching play area for toddlers at this historic fort. Little traders can net salmon from a small canoe, pick magnetic cranberries, then exchange them at the kids’ fort trade window. Salmon and berries can then be packed into barrels […]

Ocean Gallery

The Ocean Gallery at Discovery Centre Halifax engages kids with real science and inspires a deeper appreciation of our world. Whether touching a live sea star, investigating microscopic life or virtually controlling the globe to see the effects of climate change, young visitors will engage their curiosity about the world’s oceans in this new gallery. […]

Chinatown Storytelling Centre

The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation tells the momentous story of Chinese immigrants to Canada at a new centre in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Exhibits focus on pivotal moments for Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian community, from completing the Canadian Pacific Railway to winning the right to vote. A lantern-like theatre offers space for community gatherings, lectures, […]

Surrey Biofuel Facility

The Surrey Biofuel Facility is a part of the City of Surrey’s closed-loop waste to the energy system, converting organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) through anaerobic digestion. APA worked with the City of Surrey to develop hands-on chemistry exhibits mechanical interactives and digital experiences that engage kids in the science behind each step […]

Waterfront District Heritage Trail

The Port and City of Bellingham are redeveloping the site of a former pulp and paper mill into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood. Working with project architects and stakeholders, APA developed a concept plan for a heritage trail to honor the site’s industrial past. Designs use robust, modular exhibit structures to interpret the large-scale equipment and […]

Zayed National Museum

APA, in collaboration with the British Museum and design partners, is designing the Falconry and Conservation Wing of the ZNM. Messages in this gallery center on interpreting Sheikh Zayed’s passion for falconry, drawing connections between falconry and the Emirates’ environmental and conservation principles. The gallery experience immerses visitors in the world of Arabian falconry, melding […]

Nonsuch Gallery

The Nonsuch, a replica of the ship that launched the Hudson’s Bay Company, has long been a beloved icon of The Manitoba Museum. APA reimagined the Nonsuch Gallery, transporting visitors to a distant time and place while incorporating fresh perspectives and stories.

Battle Born Hall at the Nevada State Capitol

After Nevada’s 150th birthday celebrations, Nevada Culture was ready to renovate Battle Born Hall in the State Capitol. APA is now working alongside stakeholders to renew the Hall. The design of four free-standing exhibit stations do more than respect the monumental nature of the Hall. They also take into consideration universal accessibility and form the […]

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

There is a story in the land at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a story set among the most ancient human civilizations, a story of national importance and international significance. Its chapters are in the earth and in the words passed down through generations, living on today in the beliefs, customs and institutions of Saskatchewan’s First Nations.