Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre

Located on land where Mi’kmaw people have thrived for over 11,000 years, the Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre (MDCC) will be a new Indigenous landmark in Canada. APA is working closely with MDCC to transform many years of planning and hard work into a living, breathing cultural hub.

Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation Cultural Interpretive Center

The Bear River Massacre was a pivotal moment for the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation. Surviving members converted to Mormonism, weaving it into their traditions. Today, the band is creating a cultural center to commemorate its complex history. APA worked with band elders to develop a concept that explores the relationship between their traditional […]

Elk Falls Discovery Centre

The temporary interpretive centre at Elk Falls Provincial Park attracts thousands of visitors every year. APA was hired to conduct a feasibility study for a permanent visitor centre in the park. Our firm collaborated with multiple stakeholder and Indigenous groups to envision how a new centre could support the mission of each group and how each group could contribute to this central interpretive […]

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

Parks Canada’s newest National Marine Conservation Area is celebrated at this visitor center. Exhibits unlock the Great Lake’s biggest mysteries, such as shipwrecks, 30-foot waves and world-record-sized fish.

National Coast Guard Museum

The U.S. Coast Guard’s new museum on the New England waterfront will embody the thrill and excitement of the service’s safety, security, and stewardship operations. APA is developing experiences that put visitors into the shoes of the lifesavers and law enforcers who make up the Coast Guard.

Chinatown Storytelling Centre

The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation tells the momentous story of Chinese immigrants to Canada at a new centre in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Exhibits focus on pivotal moments for Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian community, from completing the Canadian Pacific Railway to winning the right to vote. A lantern-like theatre offers space for community gatherings, lectures, […]

Surrey Biofuel Facility

The Surrey Biofuel Facility is a part of the City of Surrey’s closed-loop waste to the energy system, converting organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) through anaerobic digestion. APA worked with the City of Surrey to develop hands-on chemistry exhibits mechanical interactives and digital experiences that engage kids in the science behind each step […]

Japanese American Museum of Oregon

The Japanese American Museum of Oregon tells the story of Portland’s Japanese American community from the creation of bustling Japantown; to the wrenching dissolution of the community during WW2, to the legacy that incarceration has left on the community. APA is designing immersive exhibits that explore the issues, emotions and personal stories of each era.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

There is a story in the land at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a story set among the most ancient human civilizations, a story of national importance and international significance. Its chapters are in the earth and in the words passed down through generations, living on today in the beliefs, customs and institutions of Saskatchewan’s First Nations.

Redwoods Visitor Center

Save the Redwoods League is restoring a former lumber mill site to a pristine ecosystem. APA’s interpretive plan encourages visitors to explore the majestic redwood tree from many perspectives and investigate their relationship to the tallest, oldest living organisms in the world.