Oregon State University

In 2018, Oregon State University celebrates its 150th anniversary. APA collaborated with OSU staff, the Oregon Historical Society and exhibit fabricators to develop an object-rich exhibit that communicates the impact of OSU’s contributions and relevance, in Oregon and around the world.

Fort Anne National Historic Site

APA worked with Parks Canada and community stakeholders to create new exhibits for Fort Anne’s historic officers’ quarters and the surrounding landscape. The exhibit design complements the historic structures while bringing the fort’s colorful history to life: its battles, the everyday lives of its inhabitants and its global connections. Exhibits feature a variety of digital […]

Family Bonds & Belonging

In this exhibit at the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM), visitors engage with personal artifacts and large-scale family photos to learn about the forces that bring families together. Using personal stories from First Nations, early settlers, immigrants and others, the exhibit explores our deep and often complicated relationships with each other.

Mount Constitution Interpretive Center

The spectacular view from Mount Constitution is the main attraction at Moran State Park. APA worked with Washington State Parks to develop a concept for an interpretive center that brings visitors on a journey through space and time to the mountain’s highest point. Exhibits explore the mountain’s geology, ecology, and cultural history. Touchable models and […]