National Coast Guard Museum

The U.S. Coast Guard’s new museum on the New England waterfront will embody the thrill and excitement of the service’s safety, security, and stewardship operations. APA is developing experiences that put visitors into the shoes of the lifesavers and law enforcers who make up the Coast Guard.

Zayed National Museum

APA, in collaboration with the British Museum and design partners, is designing the Falconry and Conservation Wing of the ZNM. Messages in this gallery center on interpreting Sheikh Zayed’s passion for falconry, drawing connections between falconry and the Emirates’ environmental and conservation principles. The gallery experience immerses visitors in the world of Arabian falconry, melding […]

Japanese American Museum of Oregon

The Japanese American Museum of Oregon tells the story of Portland’s Japanese American community from the creation of bustling Japantown; to the wrenching dissolution of the community during WW2, to the legacy that incarceration has left on the community. APA is designing immersive exhibits that explore the issues, emotions and personal stories of each era.

Nonsuch Gallery

The Nonsuch, a replica of the ship that launched the Hudson’s Bay Company, has long been a beloved icon of The Manitoba Museum. APA reimagined the Nonsuch Gallery, transporting visitors to a distant time and place while incorporating fresh perspectives and stories.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

There is a story in the land at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a story set among the most ancient human civilizations, a story of national importance and international significance. Its chapters are in the earth and in the words passed down through generations, living on today in the beliefs, customs and institutions of Saskatchewan’s First Nations.

Discovery Centre

Halifax’s Discovery Centre strives to be an agent of change in the Maritimes. APA designed experiences that introduce the science of water, energy, transportation, health and innovation in ways that are relevant to Nova Scotians.

Redwoods Visitor Center

Save the Redwoods League is restoring a former lumber mill site to a pristine ecosystem. APA’s interpretive plan encourages visitors to explore the majestic redwood tree from many perspectives and investigate their relationship to the tallest, oldest living organisms in the world.

Bursa Science & Technology Centre

APA designed settings with hands-on, full body experiences that immerse visitors in the science of flight, astronomy and space exploration. Visitors engage with the technology behind the evolution of flight, from hot air balloons to modern rockets, and explore the cosmos beyond a space station simulator.

Canada Science & Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has the largest collection of technological artifacts in the country. APA conceptualized a new point of entry for visitors that showcases this collection while introducing hands-on experiences that explore innovations in science and technology.

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

The largest attraction of its type in the Gulf, The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre explores the natural diversity of Abu Dhabi’s desert and its cultural connections. APA led an international team to develop an experience that seamlessly integrates with the building’s complex architecture.